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While previous studies examined the effect of a single LPT treatment on the lymphatic system, the effect of repeated applications of LPT on lymphatic output and immunity has not been investigated. Conclusion: Clinically, it can be inferred that LPT at a rate of 1 pump per sec for a total of 4 min can be applied every 2 h, thus providing scientific rationale for the use of LPT to repeatedly enhance the lymphatic and immune system. Take note of which side of the battery was facing up, because you will need to insert the new battery the exact same way. If you did not know what type of watch battery your Kenneth Cole requires, you can look at the old battery for the size. Step 3Remove the old battery, a small silver disc, using a pair of tweezers. Be careful not to touch anything else on the inside of the watch, because you could damage the watch.

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