Link tester rj-45 rj11/dec инструкция

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Networks are everywhere, and even as home Wi-Fi routers proliferate, there is still a tremendous need for wired networks. Before the widespread acceptance of auto MDI-X capabilities a crossover cable was needed to interconnect similar network equipment (such as hubs to hubs). A cable wired the same at both ends is called a «patch» or «straight-through» cable, because no pin/pair assignments are swapped. The two center pins are commonly used for the receiver, and the outer pins connect the transmitter, so that a reversal of pin connection is unaffected. Reading a Network Cable Tester The standard network cable tester has a row of 10 LEDs on the body and 9 LEDs on the remote to match up with the standard connector pinouts. Just plug one end of cable in to ‘base’ unit — other end into ‘remote’ and watch connection lights match (or not if faulty) in sequence. Other than telephone extension cables, cables with a modular plug on one end and a jack on the other are rare.

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