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Sci. 33 211-31CrossRef[22]Pitts W M 1988 Toward an understanding of the stabilization mechanisms of lifted turbulent jet flames: experiments Proc. Each method has strengths and weaknesses, including organisms that may be accurately tested by the method. Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems—susceptibility testing of infectious agents and evaluation of performance of antimicrobial susceptibility test devices. Крышка и рабочая область покрыты едва заметным узором, который состоит из элементов, напоминающих отдельные звенья цепи. Previous SectionNext Section Interpretation of Susceptibility Test Results The results of a susceptibility test must be interpreted by the laboratory prior to communicating a report to a patient’s physician. The disk diffusion susceptibility method [2, 11, 12] is simple and practical and has been well-standardized.

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