Theft aware инструкция

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Its initial purpose was to combat vehicle theft, which was rising due to the increase in sales of the Model-T Ford. To address the increase in stolen vehicles of the era, the License and Theft Bureau swore in the first nine state law enforcement officers in North Carolina. Cars with stick shifts and clutches have their ardent defenders, but some of the reasons they cite for their superiority and desirability aren’t supported by facts. See 12 U.S.C. 1841(a)(2). Because foreign branches of U.S. banks are regarded as foreign banks for the purposes of the BSA, they are affiliates that are not subject to a SAR regulation. The License and Theft Bureau research estimates that there are more than 5,400 curbstoners operating in North Carolina. Examiners should focus on evaluating a bank’s policies, procedures, and processes to identify, evaluate, and report suspicious activity.

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