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Clicking it in will give you the option to decide what happens when you long press the power button. By default, doing that brings up a range of settings asked whether you meant to turn on silent mode, aeroplane mode, or turn the phone off entirely. This feature makes stitching even convenient and fun for you. This Odisha Sewing Machine feature also helps you go easy on the electricity bills as the Odisha Saree Store sewing machine consumes no power at all. At this sewing machine price this product has exceptional stitching capabilities and will never disappoint you. Additional Features This machine, brought to you from the house of Odisha is designed to perform. This product has a one year warranty from the manufacturer and is now readily available online for purchase on Snapdeal at an affordable price. This stitching machine is not mounted to the floor or wall, hence it is portable and you can carry it around anywhere.

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