Carrier x power gold инструкция

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For more information visit .ph/orangetag Superior Cooling Comfort Carrier X-Power Gold makes use of the latest DC inverter technology that achieves the desired room temperature quickly and evenly maintains it at that level. The manufacturer’s warranty period is one (1) year unless otherwise specified at time of sale. Should a warranty claim become necessary, EZ Carrier, LLC shall not be liable for loss of use, inconvenience, lost time, commercial losses or other incidental or consequential damages. If for any reason, the carrier does not appear to be in good and sound condition, it must not be used. Additional charges may apply. *** Depends on network availability. Eco mode for silent and mild operation with energy savings up to 20% compared to standard settings. All Products > Residential Systems > Hi-Wall > 42EQV (XPower Gold) More stylish with soft white illumination symbol on the unit to indicate your current active mode.

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