Kms-activation инструкция

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Running Sysprep.exe does not remove the installed product key, and administrators are not prompted for a new key during mini-setup. If no rearms are left, the Sysprep operation completes but the activation timers are not changed and an error is returned that explains the situation. Error 0xC004F035 and 0xC004F059: Especially for computers that were originally acquired with an OEM operating system, in this case the KMS activation is prevented by computer’s BIOS. Such BIOS version contains an invalid ACPI_SLIC table. Each MAK key can activate a certain number of systems determined by a corporate agreement. I. e. each MAK activation is added to the total number of activations on Microsoft servers. When the KMS server can not be reached for 180 days you get a grace time of 30 days befor you get a warning message. See here for how to install cVPN for Windows 8 and Windows 7.Did you get it from the University?

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