Зенитар 16 2.8 инструкция

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Which sellers would you recommend, which would you not?»,»rawMessage»:»I’m planning on getting a Zenitar with a canon FD adapter, from eBay since it’s seems to be the easiest way to go.\r\n\r\nI’ve he. This is the best and most accurate method of judging focus. Read on, and remember that fisheyes and wide angles’ only reason to live are the sides. f/2.8 There’s not much going on in the center. Make sure that the zoom and focus barrels move smoothly and don’t feel too loose or stiff. If it is possible to try the lens on a camera make sure that you do so. Многослойное просветление, нанесенное на линзы объектива, увеличивает светопропускание и уменьшает рассеяние света, что обеспечивает хорошую контрастность и резкость изображения, в значительной степени устраняет ореолы, блики и световые пятна даже при фотографировании против света. The simplest just tell the camera it’s OK to activate the AF confirmation light and send a fixed focal length and aperture (usually 50mm f2) to the camera.

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