Как charles 3.6.5 инструкция

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Charles Proxy 3.6.5. Установка и настройка.
Charles Proxy 3.6.5. Установка и настройка. В этом видео наглядно показано какие компоненты нужно установить и как…

Minor enhancements: JSON-RPC support now includes named parameters support CSV export includes more information AMF viewer, contextual menu includes copy to clipboard and base 64 decode. Headless mode fixed (no longer exits immediately on some platforms), and the preference setting to activate Throttling on startup will be respected. -throttling command-line switch added to activate Throttling on startup. Java changes Charles now uses Java 8 on all platforms by default. Version 3.6.4 15 November 2011 Major enhancements: Linux support greatly improved, including an APT repository for installing Charles, integration into Gnome window manager and an application icon. Fixed incorrectly formatted date/times that were shown in some summary and overview tables when Charles was configured to display times with millisecond precision.

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