Survival craft инструкция, как создать огонь

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Primitive Technology: Wattle and Daub Hut
I built this hut in the bush using naturally occurring materials and primitive tools. The hut is 2m wide and 2m long, the side walls are 1m high and the ridge line …

Etch two notches on the ends of each side of the bowed wood so that a string can be tied around easily. They will remain in the world for 24 hours unlit, after which they will disappear and be removed from the game. All those resinous dried soft woods that burn fast. Among these techniques are finding fresh drinking water, shelter, and eventually rescue.Disclaimer: The survival tips on this website are for informational purposes only. Once the wax begins to melt you should turn the heat on to low so it gives you more time. Поставьте печку; На неё поставьте люк, желательно железный, или нажимную плиту, желательно каменную.

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