Epson lx-300+ii инструкция

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There is interdependence on the font style and size. LPI This is a parameter specifying the number of lines per inch. Key features: Six fuel-tank monitoring system capability Graphic touch-screen display and menu Built-in Internet connectivity to access critical inventory online Intuitive audible and visual alarms displayed on main tank gauge screen in green and red. English, French, Deutsch, Swedish, Dutch, Italiano, Slovak, Espanol, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Latvian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish interfaces are available now. You can translate the interface components into your native language. Найдите на листе пункт «Character table» и проверьте, какое состояние индикаторов (3 квадратика) напечатано слева от этого пункта. Всегда ждите не менее 5 секунд перед повторным включением принтера.

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