Инструкция на фотоаппарат st150f

Most prominent among these is, naturally, the shutter release button, slightly raised and encircled by a lever for controlling the zoom that has a forward-facing ridged lip that digs into the pad of your forefinger. Whilst this maintains the camera’s sleek, futuristic look and avoids any lumps and bumps on the surface, it does however make it slower to arrive where you want than simply rotating a physical shooting mode dial straight to your desired setting. Blue skies On the Home screen, scroll to . Page 47: Using The Movie Mode Using Basic modes Using the Movie mode On the Home screen, scroll to . In Movie mode, you can customize settings to record HD videos (1280X720) of up to Select 20 minutes in length. Page 53: Magic Frame Mode, Using The Magic Frame Mode Using Scene modes Using the Magic Frame mode Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press [Shutter] to focus. In Magic Frame mode, you can apply various frame effects to your photos.

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The same menu list allows us to set photo quality and resolution, and switch metering between multi zone, spot or centre weighted, whilst turning optical image stabilization on or off as desired. Наиболее же тяжелым для автоматики является смешанное освещение. Incidentally said battery is re/charged within the camera, with a USB 2.0 port equipped mains plug provided for the purpose. We also get just a small quick start guide and warranty card in printed form out of the box, with no extraneous software CD provided.

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You can also connect to a WPS profile Samsung 1 supported AP by selecting → WPS button connection on the camera, and Samsung 2 then pushing the WPS button on the AP device. Use Blink Detection to detect closed eyes or Smile Shot to capture a smiling face. Page 66: Adjusting The Focus Area Changing the camera’s focus Select an option.

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When I go on the app it says I’m not connected. Page 37: Capturing Photos Capturing photos Learn how to capture photos easily and quickly in Smart Auto mode. On the Home screen, scroll to . Press [Shutter] to capture a photo.

The Samsung ST150F is apparently available in four colours in the UK, though we had the arctic white version in for review, which lends it a certain tech-y cool, whilst at the back sits a regulation issue 3-inch, 230k dot resolution LCD screen. Most of these options are in fact repeated as icons on the Samsung ST150F ’s second screen of app-like settings – we tab to the right to find it – MobileLink, Remote Viewfinder, Auto Backup and Email specifically.

Page 108: Sending Photos Or Videos To A Smart Phone • You should install the Samsung SMART CAMERA App on your phone or device before using this feature. Background and Identification ¶ The Samsung ST150F Smart Camera was released in January, 2013 and was designed to feature the use of wifi connectivity to enhance the user experience by instantly uploading photos or videos to social media. Adjusting the focus area You can get clearer photos by selecting an appropriate focus area according to your Icon Description subject’s location in the scene. Again, the majority of back plate ‘real estate’ – roughly four fifths – is given over to the standard-issue 3-inch LCD screen with equally average 230k-dot resolution, though it does feature automatic brightness adjustment.

Use the Sound Alive function to reduce the zoom noise. In Video Shooting mode, press [m]. Select Voice. Each type displays different shooting or playback information. This feature may not be supported on some devices. On the device, turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option. On the device, allow the camera to connect to the device. Page 11 You can remotely control your camera from a smart phone.

Samsung is not responsible for any problems caused by using unauthorized accessories. Using the Smart Auto mode Icon Description In Smart Auto mode, your camera automatically chooses the appropriate camera Landscapes settings based on the type of scene it detects. Камере нужно дать знать как выглядит белый цвет в том или ином освещении. Page 9 When you capture a photo with your camera, the photo is saved to the smart phone automatically.

The amount of light allowed to reach the camera’s sensor. Inappropriate places to use or store the camera •… Page 132: About Memory Cards Do not insert foreign objects into any of your camera’s compartments, slots, or could cause injury to your hands and face.

When you leave your camera at a service center, be sure to also leave the other components that may have contributed to the malfunction, such as the memory card and battery. The camera connects to a smart phone wirelessly. Transfer all of your pictures to your computer.

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