Инструкция к bmw x 5

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For shame, Mercedes.) Like the 300SL of 20 years ago, the C300 has 228 hp and six cylinders, although the newer car has its pistons arranged in a vee. Cash due at signing includes $4,500 down payment, $849 first month’s payment, $925 acquisition fee and $0 security deposit. Though plug-in hybrid tech has been part of the auto industry for years, it’s only recently transcended the mass-market to merge with luxury vehicles. The ‘40’ doesn’t really equate to any performance attribute, as far as we can tell, except that the PHEV X5 is slotted between the 35i and 50i versions in price and output. Monthly lease payments of $649 per month for 36 months is based on an adjusted capitalized cost of $55,260 (MSRP of $65,195, including destination and handling fee of $995, less $3,500 customer down, $0 security deposit, suggested dealer contribution and $3,000 Lease Credit). Actual MSRP may vary. Finally, the ‘e’ is short for eDrive, which BMW associates with every iPerformance (plug-in) model.

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