Nikon е8400 инструкция

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The Coolpix 8400 has a very good macro mode, as is usually the case with Nikon cameras. By putting the lens in the macro «sweet spot» (when the little flower on the LCD turns green), you can get as close to your subject as 3 cm. Photoshop RAW plug-in The software can also be used to convert RAW images into other formats, but you can’t actually perform any of the adjustments that make RAW useful. Mantenga actualizados sus productos Nikon; descargue manuales de productos, software y firmware Nikon (el software que incluye la cámara digital). Las actualizaciones de firmware permiten mantener el desempeño de la cámara digital. This battery packs (no pun intended) an impressive 8.1 Wh of energy into its plastic case, which is a nice step up from the 5.0 Wh number on the old EN-EL1. Nikon says this translates into 240 shots per charge using the new CIPA battery life standard. Anyhow, the controller moves the lens from wide-angle to telephoto in just 1.3 seconds. By making quick presses on the zoom button, you can make precise adjustments to the focal length. Uncompressed TIFF, NEF (RAW data), JPEG, and QuickTime and WAV file formats. USB cable and interface for quick connection to a PC or Macintosh.

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