Panasonic kx-f50 инструкция

Название файла: PE_012015_-_Manutenção_Equipamentos.pdf
Размер файла: 323 Килобайт
Количество загрузок: 1957
Скачать: PE_012015_-_Manutenção_Equipamentos.pdf

You can choose from 3 to 6 rings. Receiving polling To place a call and recover a document from another machine, follow the steps below. When: —document reception is required, —a slow beep is heard, or —no sound is heard, START/COPY/SET press Hang up the handset if using it. Close the front lid by gently pressing down on both ends. Модель № KX-FT932RU 9.31Мб KX-FT934 Персональный факсимильный аппарат.

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