Инструкция av ресивер pioneer sc-lx75

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Dolby Atmos, DTS:X This device supports the newest Dolby Atmos and (after a free update) DTS:X surround-sound formats. And that’s just it: When combined with good speakers set up well in even a modest-sized room, the Pioneer Elite SC-79 can either sound really good, or it can sound awesome. It can either wow people out, or blow them away. Pioneer’s Virtu- al Height mode (Fig. 4) creates a height sound image without front height speakers, letting you enjoy enveloping virtual 7.1-channel sound from 5.1-channel speaker settings. 59 123 Lets you enjoy full surround sound without placing extra speakers. Auto Phase Control Plus 528 4231223 82857 202377 22. The Advanced MCACC uses a 3D calibration method with even more precise measurements by including the time axis. Finally, the SC-79 will also play back DSD streams delivered over HDMI, provided it is connected to a compatible player.

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