Sony cdx-gt710uv инструкция

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Page 4 CDX-MP450X… Page 5 CDX-MP450X… Page 6 CDX-MP450X… Page 7 CDX-MP450X Connections… Page 8: Sub Panel (cd) Assy CDX-MP450X SECTION 2 DISASSEMBLY Note : This equipment can be removed using the following procedure. Все для Joomla . Бесплатные шаблоны и расширения. Sub Panel(CD) Assy CD Mechanism Block Main Board Heat Sink Chassis (T) Sub Assy lever Section Shaft Roller Assy Servo Board Floating Block Assy Optical Pick-up Block Note : Follow the disassembly procedure in the numerical order given. You may want to contact the USB device manufacturer to verify that your unit has the latest firmware installed. Also, clicking the version at the upper right on the revised page allows you to jump to the next revised page. Only USB devices that are compatible and have the most current firmware are supported.

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